The downsides to being a logical, left-brained person.

Photo of an ipad and a pen on top of a notebook.
Photo of an ipad and a pen on top of a notebook.
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Analytical people are driven by inquiry and curiosity. They observe the world around them as a problem waiting to be solved.

These inquisitive minds face the world with logic and reason. As they are confronted by obstacles, they are excited by the opportunity to troubleshoot and find solutions.

When exploring the difference between analytical and holistic personality types, this research found the following variation unique to analytical thinkers:

“Analytic thinking is characterized by a tendency to focus primarily on objects and their attributes. Analytic thinkers tend to distinguish focal objects or people from their contexts, ascribe causality to objects or…

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How your struggles reveal your purpose.

Everyone appreciates a good story.

It does not matter what culture, continent, or country you come from. Throughout our history, stories have united and given meaning to humanity. We commonly read stories to gain this insight, but what if I told you that you are the main character of a very important story? Not only are you the main character, but you are the hero of the story.

Would this idea of being a hero motivate you to rise to the occasion or would you crumble under pressure? Evaluating this question could help you understand your purpose in life.

Introducing The Hero’s Journey


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Why is your self-image being threatened?

We have transitioned away from the daily morning commute to the daily morning jaunt to the desk. It comes as no surprise that the functioning of our society has altered to a digital platform since the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this process, we have learned that there is a plethora of careers, meetings, educational classes, interviews, work, etc., that can effectively function in an online format.

Many people are ecstatic about the idea of continuing their remote work beyond the pandemic while others are anxious to get back to our pre-2020 routines. …

How to incorporate new habits into your routine

An open notebook laid out on a wooden table with chocolate, coffee, and a picture book.
An open notebook laid out on a wooden table with chocolate, coffee, and a picture book.
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Look — we have all been exposed to the endless recycling of productivity tips and tricks. It is a saturated topic because we crave self-betterment. When we read about a fresh perspective on how to improve our daily life, we feel motivated and empowered! Then reality sets in. We are tired, we forget, or we lose that spike of motivation to do that thing that we know will make us feel good.

What if there was a strategy to help you break through that resistance to start that new habit? Well, I have some good news for you.

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Stop missing out on new opportunities

Here’s the deal. We all have that tiny voice in our brains that likes to try and convince us we can’t do certain things. It likes to serve us a nice platter of uncertainty. This inner monologue whispers sweet self-doubts when it comes to trying something new.

Want to know something? That inner voice begging for your personal rejection is not created by anyone else other than you. That’s right — you are your own worst enemy.

On the other hand, the good news is that we can slowly silence that deceiving, belittling voice that turns us away from new…

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The 4 most important lessons I have learned watching him play.

My husband and I have so many similar personality traits. I would not say we are the “opposites attract type of couple. We can sit in a car on a road trip and talk the entire time without feeling the need to turn the radio on. There is no empty space to fill. We are in sync with each other. During our wedding reception, our loved ones gave speeches that all tied into the match made in heaven theme. It's adorable — I know.

But we are only human. There are bound to be some qualities that we do not…

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Overcoming your insecurities to find self-love and acceptance.

Insecurities. We all have them, but we don’t want to talk about them. It makes us uncomfortable. We begin to feel insecure in our bodies and minds at a very young age, and these insecurities are carried with us into our adulthood.

My earliest memory of comparing myself to others is when I was in third grade. This is when I began to become aware of the physical attractiveness of others. I remember the process of noticing other girls’ thinness, length of hair, freckles, thigh size, and skin. When I would see a feature that I found beautiful on someone…

Feeling down? Here are 5 things you can do right now to feel happier.

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Most of us have been told that practicing gratitude can make us happier. The act of acknowledging and expressing appreciation for what we have in our lives is supposed to make us feel good. If this is the case, then we should wake up happy every day with gratitude and happiness, right? What if some days we wake up in the morning and don’t feel much at all?

Happiness is the absence of suffering. I think it’s an interesting way of looking at it. I think the absence of suffering exists very rarely in the world we live in.”


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We all need help being kind to ourselves sometimes.

“I looked in the mirror and hated myself physically and mentally. I wanted to gnaw my teeth in frustration over how I felt about myself. I put my fingers in my hair, and I wanted to pull on it in desperation”

There are so many reasons why people glance at their reflection and become unsettled with who they see looking back at them. The way we perceive ourselves has so much to do with our fluctuating self-esteem, but it also has to do with our previous experiences in life. If we struggled in our past, there is a chance we…

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8 Strategies to Boost Motivation in the Different Learning Styles

If you are reading this, there is a strong likelihood that you have attempted to start a workout routine at some point in your life–or several points in your life. This urge to start exercising usually originates after a boost of motivation. As time passes, you slowly start to taper off of your program. This leads to shame and the easy decision to give up. You know that working out is good for your mind and body, but you still give up.

Why is it so difficult to continue a workout habit?

Human beings find strong motivation through their intrinsic values and the personal rewards that they can receive.


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A tangled knot of creative introversion and information. I write about the connections between education and life fulfimment. Educator. MA.Ed.

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